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GDisk® Filtration System Title 22 Approval

DuraPile™ 10, 5, and 2 µm Cloth Media

Bench- and pilot-scale testing of the Beacon GDisk® filtration system with three different pile cloth medias (10, 5, and 2 µm) resulted in excellent results. Following these results, Carollo Engineers has submitted its Title 22 Performance Testing Report, Final April 2023 to the State of California Division of Drinking Water (DDW). This document requests conditional acceptance for the Beacon GDisk® system. Acceptance includes its 10-, 5-, and 2-micron filtration rated DuraPile™ cloths for use in tertiary recycled water applications.

DDW no longer provides formal letters for Title 22 conditional acceptance and instead concurs with the recommendation by the third-party engineering expert. Thus, the transmittal of Carollo’s report to DDW effectively provides Title 22 conditional acceptance.


Please see previous Beacon videos that provide results from each of the bench- and pilot-scale studies. Bench-scale filtration experiments were conducted at Carollo’s Water Applied Research Center (Water ARC® )for the 10-micron NLB10, 5-micron FineLB5,and 2-micron UltraLB2 cloths. Pilot-scale testing at the Meridian (Idaho) Wastewater Treatment Plant was performed using a GDisk® XS filter with NLB10 and FineLB5 cloths. Bench-scale testing demonstrated that the UltraLB2 cloth performance was equivalent or better than the 5-μm and 10-μmcloths, therefore pilot testing was deemed unnecessary for the 2-micron (UltraLB2) cloth.

Carollo has recommended to DDW that Title 22 conditional acceptance be granted for Beacon GDisk® filtration systems under the following conditions:

  • GDisk® DuraPile™ NLB10 and GDisk® DuraPile™ FineLB5 cloths for peak hydraulic loading rates up to 10 gpm/ft2

  • GDisk® DuraPile™ UltraLB2 cloth for peak hydraulic loading rates also up to 10 gpm/ft2

Request Copy of Report:

Title 22 Testing Report

If You Have Brand A, Replace with Brand B (Beacon)!

Disk Filter Replacement Cloth

For legacy competitor installations, contact BEACON for direct replacement cloths (DuraPile™ 10, 5, & 2 μm) and exchange services.

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