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Since 2008, GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filters reliably remove solids over a broad range of particle sizes and increased hydraulic or solids loading.  Turbidity and concentrations of suspended solids, phosphorus, and other contaminants are all efficiently reduced by GDisk®.  Numerous applications include tertiary, industrial, wet weather, and primary treatment, as well as for phosphorus removal and water reuse.

Water Treatment for Phosphorus Removal

Reduction of effluent phosphorus by GDisk® prevents eutrophication, improving receiving waters.

GDisk® filters intermittent, high solids wet weather events with increased sludge and floatable wasting capabilities.

Industrial Water Treatment

GDisk® delivers economical filtration technology to industrial clients to meet pretreatment or direct discharge requirements.

Tiertary Water Treatment

GDisk® provides a superior-performing,
space-saving method to remove suspended solids to meet post-secondary treatment requirements.

Water Reuse Treatment

GDisk® effectively treats reclaimed water as part
of direct or indirect water reuse processes.

Primary Water Treatment

High solids loading rates of the GDisk® enable efficient primary treatment without chemicals under varying influent conditions.