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GDisk® Advantage

GDisk® Patented Technology

GDisk’s patented dual-slot backwash manifold is manufactured with a primary and main slot. These slots are partitioned to improve backwash versus a single slot design.  While moving through the primary slot, the pile cloth threads undergo delayed straightening and fluctuation, then are instantaneously straightened in the main slot.  Once past the main slot, the pile is laid back down in random orientation by the manifold. 

The primary slot prepares the pile cloth for enhanced cleaning in the main slot, perhaps similar to a throttled jet prior to release off a carrier.  The result is reduced backwash volumes and increased water recovery as compared to legacy manifold designs.


  • Maximum use of filtration area with 100% submerged filter disks
  • Outside-in flow increases solids loading capacity and reduces maintenance
  • Three pile cloth nominal filtration ratings (NLB10 – 10 µm, FineLB5 – 5 µm, and UltraLB2 – 2 µm)


  • Manageable, reasonably-sized disk segments (8, 6, or 4 per disk – model dependent) provide for ease of replacement
  • GDisk® PLC provides preventative maintenance reminders and alarms


  • Static operation requiring power only for backwash
  • Vertical media orientation provides space-saving footprint
  • Continuous operation minimizes redundancy requirements


  • Thermally-fused fixing between support layer and pile cloth—no chemical adhesive
  • Low energy and backwash rate reduces carbon footprint