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GDisk Installation

BEACON manufacturers long-lasting GDisk® pile cloth disk filtration technology
for wastewater, wet weather, industrial, and potable water treatment.

Since 2008, GDisk® Pile Cloth Disk Filters continue to reliably remove solids over a broad range of particle sizes and increased hydraulic or solids loading.  Turbidity and concentrations of suspended solids, phosphorus, and other contaminants are all efficiently reduced by GDisk®.

Tertiary Treatment Application


GDisk® provides a superior-performing, space-saving method to remove suspended solids to meet post-secondary treatment requirements.

Phosphorus Removal

Reduction of effluent phosphorus by GDisk® prevents eutrophication, improving receiving waters.

Water Reuse Treatment

Water Reuse

GDisk® effectively treats reclaimed water as part of direct or indirect
water reuse processes.

Filter before Pile Cloth Disk Installed

GDisk® Advantage

Fully-submerged vertical disks with outside-in flow enables increased flow rates, high solids loading, and small footprint.  Static operation requiring power only for backwash minimizes maintenance and electrical costs.  Beacon selects from three GDisk® nominal filtration-rated pile cloths according to the influent characteristics and effluent requirements. Manageable, reasonably-sized disk segments provide for ease of replacement.

How It Works

Influent water filters through the GDisk® pile cloth, passes from the disk interior to the center tube, and out over an effluent weir.  As solids are captured within the pile, GDisk® automatically backwashes at a set water level or timed interval.  Solids are wasted via the patented GDisk® backwash manifold or tank bottom sludge collector.

Disk Filter underdrain