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Title 22 Testing: DuraPile™ Cloth Media

Excellent results have come from bench top protocol Title 22 testing of Beacon’s GDisk® DuraPile™ cloth media.  Testing preliminarily indicates that our 10-, 5-, and 2-micron filtration rating cloths will all meet California Title 22 requirements, to include less than 2 NTU average within a 24-hour period

Testing Results

• Note that standard engineering design for 10-micron pile cloth utilizes approximately 3.25 gpm/ft2 average and 6.5 gpm/ft2 peak.

Data collected for these graphs is terminated at approximately 8 inches of water column headloss, the typical range before a pile cloth disk filter enters backwash.

Know that Beacon would standardly design approximately half the flowrate per ft2 tested here, which would extend filter run times.

Up Next

Three California utilities are formally sponsoring Beacon’s Title 22 approval effort. We will commission our pilot unit in October at the Meridian WWTP in Idaho. We at Beacon look forward to keeping you updated on our Title 22 testing progress!

Meridian Idaho Wasterwater Facility

If You Have Brand A, Replace with Brand B (Beacon)!

Disk Filter Replacement Cloth

For legacy competitor installations, contact BEACON for direct replacement cloths (DuraPile™ 10, 5, & 2 μm) and exchange services.

Call 843-481-4470 or click below for a quote!

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