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Title 22 Pilot Testing

GDisk® DuraPile™ 10, 5, and 2 µm Cloth Media

Continued excellent results have come from Title 22 pilot testing of Beacon’s GDisk® DuraPile™ cloth medias at the Meridian Idaho Water Reclamation Facility.  Testing protocol required data to be collected before and after our GDisk® XS pilot filter with our 10- and 5-micron filtration rating cloths.

Facility secondary effluent was pumped to our filter at multiple hydraulic loadings. During the workday, influent was also spiked with return activated sludge to increase the solids loading to our pilot filter.  Collected data implies that our 10- and 5-micron filtration rating cloths meet all relevant California Title 22 requirements, including less than 2 NTU average within a 24-hour period.  Beacon fully expects that the final written report will recommend Title 22 approval of our 10-, 5-, and also our 2-micron cloth, which performed even better during bench scale testing.

Testing Results

Both the Beacon GDisk® DuraPile™ 10-micron NLB10 and the 5-micron FineLB5 cloth medias performed extremely well during the pilot test periods.  These and other results show that these DuraPile™ cloths meet all relevant Title 22 requirements, despite challenging elevated hydraulic and solids loading rates. Stay tuned for the publication of the formal Title 22 report in the very near future!
Replacement cloth
10 micron cloth color has changed to ORANGE/PURPLE
Filter Cloth Replacement
5 micron cloth color has changed to PURPLE

If You Have Brand A, Replace with Brand B (Beacon)!

Disk Filter Replacement Cloth

For legacy competitor installations, contact BEACON for direct replacement cloths (DuraPile™ 10, 5, & 2 μm) and exchange services.

Call 843-481-4470 or click below for a quote!

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