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Pile Cloth Disk Filters:

Brand B Now Competing with Brand A

Beacon Water Technologies LLC manufactures proven, long-lasting GDisk® pile cloth disk filters used for wastewater, reuse, wet weather, industrial, and potable water treatment. GDisk® pile cloth filter technology utilizes outside-in filtration and the industry-dominant, fixed backwash mechanism with a rotating disk method of cleaning.

Gdisk Sizes 4 Types

Headquartered in South Carolina, BEACON manufacturers four sizes of GDisk® filters that have similar external dimensions, hydraulic profile, loading rates, inlet/outlet port size and location, as well as equivalent valves, pump(s), drive motor, and controls as the current US standard. At the engineer or contractor design level, no practical changes are required.

Since 2007, more than 250 GDisk® installations operate around the world, including a 160 MGD installation in Gwangju, Republic of Korea.

Gwangju Filter Installation
BEACON stands behind EQUAL or BETTER:
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If You Have Brand A, Replace with Brand B

Disk Filter Replacement Cloth

For legacy competitor installations, contact BEACON for direct replacement cloths (DuraPile™ 10, 5, or 2 µm) and exchange services.

Call 843-481-4470 or click below for a quote!

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GDisk® Pile Cloth Filtration
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