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3 Elements of Pile Cloth Media Filter Design

Three must-haves in a successful pile cloth media disk filter design:

FIRST Design External Centrifugal Pumps with Valves, NOT Submersible Pumps

Disk backwash shoes are manifolded together and tied to either a backwash valve or to a submersible pump.  The sludge manifold in the tank bottom must also be tied to a valve or submersible pumpOnly in the case of very small applications should submersibles be used because numerous pumps will be required

Up to four disks may be manifolded together. For a 6 MGD peak tertiary wastewater treatment application, or 12-disk Standard filter, at least three submersible pumps are required for backwash plus a fourth for sludge wasting. 

An external pump design could require only one pump with three valves, greatly reducing maintenance requirements, especially since a redundant filter will likely be necessary.  Signing up a utility to maintain an excessive quantity of submersible pumps is not their best interest.

Disk Shoes manifolded together
Disk backwash shoes tied to valve
Small filter with submersible pumps
Only very small applications should use submersibles
Sludge Manifold connect to Pump
Sludge manifold tied to valve
Drawing of filter with one pump and 4 valves
Filter Design w/ 3 valves (4th for sludge waste) Photo Courtesy of Carollo Engineers

SECOND Replacing Disk while Filter in Operation Does NOT Provide Unit Redundancy 

Design Engineer

A disk is only one part of a filter system, thus if a pump, the controls, or another component malfunctions, the whole filter system must be taken offline.  Further, we at Beacon find it shocking (pardon the pun) how it could be deemed safe to work on an energized piece of equipment that is a tank full of water.  OSHA would have a field day with those responsible, which could include the design engineer.

THIRD Specify the Disk Filter Manufacturer Supply at least ONE ROW of Frame Wedges

In the spare parts section, specify that the disk filter manufacturer supply at least one row of frame wedges, not a disk’s worth or a couple, but a row

Industry-dominant, fixed backwash mechanism with rotating disk configurations have four, six, or eight wedge frames that comprise a diskFrames are replaced in a row of disks, then the disk is rotated for the next row to be replaced.  If facility maintenance personnel have a row’s worth of frames, they may order replacement cloths in advance and have these frames mounted with new cloths, ready for replacement. 

Having these extra frames will greatly reduce the back-and-forth handling and time of replacement.  Even better, as some of our clients have, is a filter’s worth of replacement frames.

Remember that Beacon has direct replacement cloths for Brand A filters, with 10-, 5-, and 2-micron cloths available.

Replacing row of disk
All rows completed in disk replacement

If You Have Brand A, Replace with Brand B (Beacon)!

Disk Filter Replacement Cloth

For legacy competitor installations, contact BEACON for direct replacement cloths (DuraPile™ 10, 5, & 2 μm) and exchange services.

Call 843-481-4470 or click below for a quote!

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